Commercial / 2019

Tik Tok

Red Helium 8K S35mm
Arri Master Primes
Chapman Hybrid III+

Are you not entertained?

Tik Tok has stormed onto the social media scene. The biggest selling app coming out of China and hitting the western world.

We had so many setups to get through in one days filming, thankfully we had a pre-light the day before which you can see in the BTS on my instagram feed. It was my first time using the Astera Titan Tubes, 24 in total, which I loved. A great tool but I highly recommend testing them and getting some hands on experience with the app before going directly into the studio with them.

Filmed on the Red Helium camera at 8K with the Master Primes. Some shots were framed for 6K so we could have some play with dutch angles and the horizontal angle of the camera.


This shoot was also the first time that I used CineTracer to do my pre-viz. It was extremely helpful to have to show my vision of the Titan Tube gates to the director and clients. I have been using it since when technical setups are needed. 

There is a lot of further information on my Insta feed for this shoot, BTS time-lapse and further information about creating this Void lighting rig.
Go take a look!

Directed by Osagie Samuel
Produced by The Specialist Works

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