Short Film / 2019


Red Helium 8K S35mm
Arri Zeiss Master Primes

A Psychological Thriller touching on the subject of maternal ambivalence. A few screen-grabs, BTS, PreViz & the prep work that came with it.

Exposure was quite a lighting fx and sfx heavy short film over 2 days of filming. A lot of pre-production work and testing had to be done prior to filming to make sure that lighting worked in the creative way that we needed it, whilst making sure it was safe with all the water on set.

The film is now in post production and will come out early 2020.

I’ve posted plenty of different topics on this film, from colour palette to the use of 28 Astera Titan Tubes, the use of Light Bridge CRLS reflective medium, pre-viz with Cine Tracer and some great 360º BTS videos.
Go check them out @philmoretondop.

Release TBA 2020-

Directed by Marina Waltz
Honey Fly Films

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