Commercial / Mar 2019

Casimba Casino

Red Helium 8K S35mm
Kowa Prominar 2x Anamorphic Lenses
+ Sony RX0 and Sail Video Systems 3pvX2

Free Spins for All!

Casimba is a brand new online casino which pounced onto the scene in 2017.
The advert had quite a bit of VFX sections to the advert and some interesting snorricam perspective shots.

Filmed on the Red Helium camera at 8K with the Kowa Prominar Anamorphics. The snorricam shots were shot with the extremely impressive Sony RX0 camera. It’s similar to a GoPro but with a 1 inch sensor and greater dynamic range. 


Shot in early October 2018, we were hit with big rain showers on the last day which ultimately ruined some shots.

You can check out the snorricam tests I did back in September 2018 for this commercial. You’ll find these test if you take a look back through my insta timeline.
Go take a look!

Produced by The Specialist Works

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